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Brewing with passion and heart for 700 years
Over the last month we have taken you through the history of St. Stefanus, from the monastic legacy to today’s master brewer – Jef Versele. This...
The Perfect Pairing
We are very proud to announce our exciting new partnership with Corney & Barrow in London. As well as stocking our St. Stefanus Blonde in all...

About St. Stefanus

Originating from the Sint Stefanus monastery in Belgium, the Van Steenberge family brewery pledged to the monks that they would protect this abbey beer recipe for future generations. Today, our Master Brewer, Jef Versele continues to uphold this promise in every bottle brewed.

To many people around the world, December 26th is known as Boxing Day – a day where we celebrate the old tradition of giving gifts to servants to thank them for their hard work throughout the year. But to us, this is a day celebrating the man St. Stefanus is named after. St. Stephen was the first Christian martyr, believed to have converted from his Jewish roots. He was known as an honest man who always kept his word, so when the task of distributing alms and serving the poor needed to be allocated; he was one of Seven Deacons chosen. In 1297, the Sint Stefanus Monastery was built on the
Over the last three weeks, we’ve taken you on a journey into the world of Belgian beer, recommending some great brews to try and showing you how to store them. For the fourth and final instalment in the series, we’re taking a look at the pouring ritual to ensure that you can perform the perfect serve, every time. The glass The most important aspect in achieving the perfect serve is the glass; it plays such a significant part that we don’t let pubs or bars stock St. Stefanus unless they have our signature glass. So when you’ve found a few of your favourite beers, make sure you take a look at